MLL Keeps Dorset Police Microwave Radio WAN

MLL Telecom announced that it will continue to manage the fixed, microwave radio, wide area network it built for Dorset Police in 2003. The initial contract of five years has been extended for an additional two years until December 2009.

The network provides data and voice services to the majority of police stations in the county of Dorset. Over 30 fully licensed, point-to-point wireless links form the network, allowing access to mission critical systems 24 hours a day.

Steve White, IT network manager for Dorset Police, said: “MLL Telecom’s network has run with close to 100% availability for the last five years. It has also cost significantly less than the traditional network it replaced. Such has been the success of the network, that the contract extension was a natural choice.”

Paul Bright, National Business Manager of MLL Telecom, said: “Dorset Police is typical of numerous police authorities struggling with limited capacity on their existing communications links, and being loaded with the increasing demands that society brings. Our fixed microwave radio networks are more than capable of providing the data rates required with the flexibility needed by today’s modern force.”

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