Mobexx simplifies mobile application development with MobileFrame

Versatile, easy to use graphical software from mobile computer specialist Mobexx is revolutionising mobile application development for any .NET enabled device. Using the pre-designed templates, anyone can benefit from real time paperless data collection and communication without the need for specialist programming skills or third party support.

The software utilises the latest .NET, MIIS, web services, and XML standards. Using this standard programming architecture enables wide ranging compatibility with existing application servers, networks, and application programs from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and Sun.

Straight out of the box, novice computer users can use the unique MobileFrame software to develop and implement mobile computing solutions that integrate seamlessly with their business systems without writing a line of computer code, saving them time and money.

MobileFrame’s ‘Smart Architecture’ enables even the most sophisticated data collection and communication applications to be developed in minutes without specialist IT knowledge or support. Users can utilise the readymade templates or can customise these to suit their organisation. With the software, users can continually evolve their applications on the fly thereby future proofing their mobile computing investment.

The powerful software puts businesses in the driving seat of their mobile applications, enabling each mobile computer to be updated in the field, without the need for returning the devices to base. Application, operating system and third party software updates can be transmitted from the main server and received by the mobiles each time they are synchronised.

In addition, the software enables administrators to set individual mobile device preferences, send alerts and messages to mobile workers including receipt acknowledgement, control synchronization schedules, view project results and track field worker efficiency, send messages to mobile workers, automatically update devices in the field, and monitor device status in the field.

“MobileFrame is one of the most important technological developments in mobile computing. It allows anyone familiar with using a computer to develop their own applications without any programming skills. The software comes with useful modifiable templates or users can develop their applications from scratch. System administrators have complete control of the mobile computers and they are able to easily monitor and manage the devices regardless of their location,” said Mark Dale-Lace, director, Mobexx.

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