MobiDM 4 manages mobility from the cloud

Enterprise mobility specialist VeliQ introduces the fourth generation ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) solution for the platform-independent management of mobile devices and applications in companies.

MobiDM 4 goes further than Mobile Device Management solutions, with extensive functionality for application management and security.

ICT managers can use it to simply manage the fast-growing penetration of Bring Your Own device by employees and the use of business apps through an enterprise app store in the cloud. MobiDM 4 is also extended with support for role-based user rights, context-aware functionality and a software development kit (SDK) for the addition of complementary functionality by partners.

MobiDM 4 contains a lot of new functionality for the central management of all business applications and data on personnel’s smartphones/tablets. Just as for the devices, an IT-manager can now centrally install company specific enterprise apps, update them, delete them, grant temporary or no access to them, or delete all data remotely if required. For the first time the IT-manager can install a mobile client on its smartphones to remotely control certain key features. The MobiDM service supports all commonly used smartphones/tablets including iOS (Apple) and Android. Many further supplementary functions are also especially available for Samsung Android devices. With all the added capabilities MobiDM 4 has now become a complete mobility ecosystem.

MobiDM enables the use of a web interface to thoroughly automate all mobility management tasks in a device- and platform-independent way. This considerably shortens the implementation time for such a management solution, while also lowering costs and risks. For a fixed amount per month per device, companies no longer have to themselves invest in software, people and development. MobiDM is an intuitive MaaS solution that can be implemented in approximately 15 minutes, and can be extended with flexibility in line with the requirements and the Mobility strategy of customers.

VeliQ migrated its first partners to the new environment in July. The company offers the MobiDM service exclusively and in co-operation with partners like Vodafone, Capgemini, Sybase and SAP. In the UK the MobiDM solution is already offered via Timico (Newark). International global partners including Sybase/SAP, were fully trained in the new ecosystem this summer.

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