Mobile content testing environment launched

Keynote Systems, a provider of on demand mobile and internet test and measurement solutions for improving the online experience, has introduced Keynote Mobile Interactive Testing Environment (MITE). MITE is the industry’s first desktop testing tool that allows mobile developers to interactively test and validate mobile content over the internet or live carrier networks, and across more than 1,000 mobile device profiles, in order to quickly understand the end user experience.

With new mobile devices coming out every day, mobile developers are challenged to create web content that will perform correctly over mobile devices with varying capabilities, form factors and screen sizes. The added complexity of intricate carrier networks has further complicated the process.

The lack of testing and validation tools is leaving developers with a hope for the best deployment strategy. MITE solves these challenges by offering developers a cost effective tool to test mobile content across thousands of device profiles conveniently from their desktops. As a result, mobile development and QA teams can quickly deliver superior mobile content optimised for today’s diverse mobile devices.

Nisheeth Mohan, mobile product manager at Keynote Systems, commented: “Mobile is the fastest growing mode of access for online content, and developers can’t wait to ensure their content is compatible across devices. With MITE, Keynote is making it easy, fast, reliable and cost-effective to test and validate mobile content.”

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