Mobile Distillery adds secure mobile payments to Celsius

Mobile Distillery, the specialist in software solutions for mobile application development, announced its newest technology partner, Neocom Multimedia, an expert in online and mobile payments.

By integrating Neocom Multimedia’s unique mobile payment module into Celsius, developers and organisations using Mobile Distillery’s automated development porting platform can quickly and easily add secure credit card payments, micropayments, microbilling and in-app payments to their mobile applications in just a few clicks.

With the Neocom Multimedia technology included in Celsius, developers can now add secure global credit card billing to virtually any application. A Premium SMS billing module, which will allow subscription billing, micropayments, gifting and in-app payments is also available.

All aspects of the mobile transaction module are integrated within Celsius, meaning developers do not need to become experts in encryption or billing systems. A dedicated account with Neocom Multimedia will be created for every developer or publisher, which enables them to track the spending of end-users through Neocom’s extensive transaction service.

Vincent Berge, co-founder and CEO at Mobile Distillery, stated: “With more of our personal business being done via our mobiles, it’s important to ensure that anything involving payments is done in a way that’s totally secure and trustworthy. Our partnership with Neocom Multimedia means that anybody developing mobile applications can have the confidence that whatever payment options they want to use, it will be secure and above all easy to use for the consumer.”

Through Billing France, Neocom’s payment platform provides a simple, secure payment platform that includes international high protection coverage. By handling all banking, risk management, customer service functionalities, online and mobile merchants are able to provide a secure payment option without requiring any additional technical or human investment.

Using Celsius v5.5, the latest iteration of Celsius, developers will be able to easily develop applications using existing or new mobile technologies and automatically port them to the broadest range of compatible phones (Java ME, Android, BREW, Windows Mobile and iPhone) using just one line of code.

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