Mobile Distillery and NetBeans enter strategic partnership

Mobile Distillery, a specialist in software solutions for mobile application production and testing services, has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with NetBeans, the modular, opensource development platform, which is used around the world to create applications for a range of devices, from PCs to set top boxes to mobile phones.

Mobile Distillery has worked with the NetBeans research and development team and developer community to create a software plug-in that allows developers to use the latest version of Celsius, Mobile Distillery’s award winning mobile development and automated porting suite, directly from within the NetBeans environment.

From prototyping and development to porting, Mobile Distillery’s Celsius helps Java ME developers design and produce their mobile applications seamlessly across more than 1000 Java, BREW and Windows Mobile devices, generating time and cost savings.

Celsius v5 takes full advantage of the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tools, including local compilation, profiler and debug, and with its high level API and powerful set of tools it allows both Java ME experts and developers not familiar with J2ME to embrace large scale mobile development.

Within NetBeans, developers get direct access to the latest features of Celsius, including access to Alembic, Mobile Distillery’s advanced device database of over 1000 fully tested characteristics, performances and behaviours of more than 1000 devices.

“Partnering with NetBeans means that a whole new audience of developers can now quickly and easily get to grips with the market potential offered by the mobile industry,” said Eric Lemaréchal, CEO of Mobile Distillery. “For Java developers used to creating applications and services for the desktop, mobile fragmentation is a huge hurdle to overcome. By giving them access to Celsius, this market becomes truly accessible.”

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