Mobile Distillery brings iPhone content to mass market phones

Mobile Distillery, a specialist in software solutions for mobile application production and testing services, has announced tools and processes that enable quick and easy migration of iPhone applications to Java ME phones and other platforms such as BREW, Windows Mobile and Google Android.

Since its debut in July 2008, the iPhone 3G has been a hit with consumers with Apple reporting that it has recently overtaken RIM, becoming the second most popular Smartphone in the world with a 17% share of the Smartphone market. The iPhone’s success has proved to be a catalyst for mobile application development; already there have been more than 300 million downloads of the 10,000 applications available on the Apple App Store.

Taking advantage of its two award winning software solutions, Alembic and Celsius, Mobile Distillery allows companies to build on the success of their iPhone application and easily migrate it to other devices that share the iPhone’s multimedia and connectivity features. This means that companies can quickly and effectively reach the other 80% of Smartphone users who don’t have an iPhone, as well as potentially reaching out to the billions of subscribers using mid and low end handsets.

Using Mobile Distillery’s Alembic knowledge database, which combines more than 1,300 fully tested characteristics, behaviors and performances of over one thousand handsets worldwide, Mobile Distillery can easily measure and predict the compatibility of an iPhone application in advance.

With Celsius, Mobile Distillery’s automated development and porting suite, companies can turn the market potential for the application defined by Alembic into reality. Celsius enables the application to be ported across specific Java ME, Android, BREW and Windows Mobile handsets using just one set of source code. All the resources of the iPhone application (text, images, animations, sounds) are managed and optimised within Celsius combining streamlined processes and automated resource management tools.

Eric Lemarechal, co-founder and CEO at Mobile Distillery, stated: “The iPhone has shown tremendous success and is a hit with developers, but they also need to reach a much larger share of the one billion handsets that are sold every year.”

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