Mobile kills the PBX

GoHello CEO, Francois Mazoudier, has stated that mobile technology is ready to knock the fixed PBX system off its perch. GoHello launched its AllMobile product, which is a managed solution for a fully featured telephony system on a mobile, in the UK in March this year. The product is now distributed by Data Select.

Buyers of the product use their own mobile phones and packages, which can be supplied by their dealers, and then take AllMobile via Data Select as software as a service. “This is the first time the mobile channel has had a chance to take money and customers directly from PBX hardware dealers,” claimed Mazoudier. “Mobile dealers have never been able to benefit from this area before. We’re pulling the price down for the fixed line PBX channel. Resellers will make more cash selling AllMobile than selling a hardware-based IP PBX, and will be able to capture some of the fixed line market.”

Mazoudier stated the solution is perfect for current market conditions where cost cutting and monthly control of finances is key. “Businesses pay per user, per month. They can add or remove subscriptions easily, there are no long term contracts and they can save directly on phone systems month by month. There are no cables, no routers and no desktop phones needed in the office. With no hardware, zero installation and zero techies required, headaches are removed and money is saved straight away.”

He added: “This is a credit crunch; if you’re a SME, you should be able to keep your cash for something else other than buying a phone system. AllMobile is a killer app for resellers to present to customers in the SME space.”

GoHello chose Data Select as the distributor for AllMobile in October, to take advantage of it 800-strong dealer base and focus on added value service for the channel. GoHello is looking at picking up around 10% to 20% of Data Select’s dealer base.

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