Mobile music distribution streamlined with launch of MediaWeava

Record labels and distributors currently bogged down with time-consuming mobile music delivery could benefit from a new platform launched this week.

MediaWeava, created by Reading-based mobile technology developer Destar, enables record labels, distributors and other media owners to easily and swiftly convert music and video files into mobile-ready formats, significantly reducing the time, effort and expense it takes typically to distribute music content to mobile storefronts.

Destar believes that file conversion, meta data management and distribution are three key challenges currently hampering the availability of entire catalogues on mobile, which is why the company has enabled the entire process to be managed and automated over a simple Web interface, MediaWeava.

As the market for mobile media continues to evolve, device vendors, network operators and retail storefronts demand a variety of different file formats. This means that record labels or their distributors must convert their standard digital formats in an attempt to profit from the mobile market. Currently, the vast majority of deliveries for mobile distribution are conducted manually, which is both unproductive and limits long-term profitability for mobile music distribution, Destar argues.

“Manual processing of files using desk top software and managing your distribution with a spreadsheet doesn’t allow record labels to scale their mobile businesses sufficiently,” said Destar director, Glenn de Smidt. “MediaWeava reduces the time it takes to convert files and streamlines the process of delivering media content to mobile storefronts. It therefore cuts operational costs and increases competitive edge for stakeholders along the digital content chain.”

The use of audio and video on mobile handsets is growing fast, fuelling demand for mobile-ready file formats, de Smidt argued. Almost a third (28%) of 16-24 year olds listens to music at least weekly on a mobile phone, according to British music trade organisation the BPI.

Therefore, the amount of music and video content which will need to be converted for mobile will only grow, increasing the burden on record labels and media owners to create mobile-ready audio and video files, he said.

“Record labels and digital distributors cannot realise the full potential of the mobile marketplace while files need to be converted manually,” de Smidt concluded.

MediaWeava is a highly scalable, server-based solution with an easy to use web interface. MediaWeava works with all common file formats and can ingest digital music feeds from all the major digital music distributors. Currently MediaWeava can be used to distribute to over 30 mobile storefronts and aggregators. The MediaWeava platform provides sophisticated and flexible tools to give the record labels and media owners complete control over their meta data and media assets.

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