Mobile phone network giffgaff rewards thousands of members

giffgaff, the UK’s community-run mobile phone network has made its first payback to its customers this month, with the average user receiving £14 for their involvement in the running of the network, with some earning over £500 each.

The web 2.0 inspired business, which keeps costs low for its members by cutting out call centres and big budget advertising, instead offers the public a genuine alternative to the existing big mobile networks, with the opportunity to get involved in return for cash rewards, which they can keep or donate to charity.

Users of giffgaff can choose whether they want to simply take advantage of the network by getting great mobile rates, or they can choose to get involved and make even more money.

Out of those who received Payback, which included 44% of members, 63% chose to take credit for calls, texts and internet, 30% chose to take the cash, and seven percent gave their hard earned reward to Cancer Research UK, the giffgaff community’s chosen charity.

giffgaff gives its users the chance to earn points for spreading the word amongst friends, or helping others out on the online community forum. These points then converted into pounds and are rewarded back to customers every six months.

Adam Kang, 19, from London, received £206.28 for spreading the word amongst his mates, and helping others out on the community forum. He said: “I joined giffgaff to see how it would work, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve received over £200, which I am going to put towards a new laptop ready for when I start university in September. The community is a real fun place to spend time, and at the same time as earning money, me and my mates get free calls to one another. It’s a really great way of running a mobile phone network, and I can’t wait for the next Payback.”

Robbie Hearn, head of giffgaff’s community, said: “It’s a really exciting time for giffgaff, and it’s especially great to hear back from thousands of happy community members as they receive their Payback. It’s the 44% of those who get involved who make it a brilliant experience for 100% of our users.

“One guy has earned £654 for sending emails to his contacts, helping others on our forum, and getting four of his mates to sign up. I can’t think of an easier way to earn money; it’s brilliant, and it confirms the demand for an alternative to the big mobile phone networks.

“We interact with the community daily, which means we really listen to what they want from their mobile service. That in turn allows us to deliver the best service which makes our members feel genuinely valued as participants in our business. We recently launched our goodybags, which are truly unlimited bundles. The community asked for truly unlimited bundles, so that’s what we gave them.”

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