Mobile phone tracking now pay as you go

Mobile phone tracking services Trace A Mobile and Mobile Locators are offering consumers and businesses customers pay as you go locating price tariffs for as little as 15p per search.

The new tariffs mean it’s now possible to find a mobile for a one off payment of just £19.98p for 15 search credits on any of the four major networks. GSM tracking is accurate to within 50 to 100 metres in mainland Britain in areas of good network coverage. Greater accuracies of up to one metre are possible from a range of GPS tracking devices, which are also available from both websites.

Managing director of both businesses, Jonathan Cook explained: “This is to help us remain competitive in the rapidly growing location based service market. As business and consumers are forced to tighten their belts during the recession they are now looking for even better value for money from LBS providers. We also realise a lot of people just want to try the service without the need to be locked in to an ongoing subscription and with the arrival of the school holidays parents want budget tracking that gives them piece of mind.”

On the new pricing tariff Cook commented: “We want to ensure we have a mobile phone tracking service that is suitable for all budgets and requirements. In the past we have seen huge spikes of interest following a high profile missing person investigations, such as that for Madeline McCann and more recently missing chief Claudia Lawrence and the new tariff mean people can now try our tracking service for limited periods such as the summer school holidays.”

Trace A Mobile and its business offshoot Mobile Locators were both established in 2003. Since then customer numbers have been steadily growing as families recognise the safety benefits of registering their kids mobiles and businesses with staff working away from base, such as the haulage and sales force sectors where it is vital to know where staff are at all times for strategic planning.

Cook added: “We also get a lot of interest from being who want to locate a lost mobile phone. Unfortunately many people only discover our service after it’s too late, as due to safety procedures we can only trace a lost mobile phone if it is already registered with us first.”

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