Mobile screening technology for call centre productivity

Magnetic North, the cloud contact centre providers, has developed what they describe as a new industry first called ‘Mobile Screening’.

The patented technology, which is exclusive to Magnetic North’s cloud-based architecture, enables businesses to automatically check with the mobile network before any call is made and determine whether the target mobile phone is a valid or invalid number and furthermore if it is switched on and whether it is roaming away from its home network.

The solution works on any GSM mobile phone worldwide and Magnetic North have already activated customers throughout Europe and the USA which are using it.
Effectively this makes ‘Number Unobtainable’ a thing of the past, leading to higher connect rates and increased talk times by call centre agents, as the dialler only calls valid numbers. Better still the service knows if phones are switched on or off, and avoids calling switched off phones (leading to answer machines or “try later” messages), and instead calls switched on phones that have a higher chance of answering. When the phones that are switched off come back on-line they are automatically re-added to the calling list to be dialled.

In the current economic climate, it is crucial to get as much productivity from staff as possible and this feature vastly decreases wasted time.

Not only this, the cost savings achieved by only calling mobiles which are “on” can amount to as much as to 50% off the mobile phone bill, making a big difference to businesses’ operational costs as well.

Whilst these savings and productivity increases are seriously compelling reasons to use Magnetic North’s Mobile Screening solution, the system also boosts customer service and customer perception by ensuring that customers who are travelling abroad are not bothered by collections or sales calls when they are roaming which not only costs money but leaves a bad taste when they relaxing on a beach somewhere.

One Magnetic North customer saw a 32% increase in completed sales per hour as a result of deploying Maximise with Mobile Screening.

Additional technology which Magnetic North has developed is local and mobile ‘number presentation’. Numbers can be allocated for each new campaign and the result is an increase in the number of customers answering or calling back, compared to when an 800 number appears on their screen.

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