Mobile world gets another operating system with ELSE

Emblaze Mobile, the Israeli design house for mobile technology and a member of the Emblaze Group, has formally unveiled the First ELSE, a mobile phone.

The First ELSE is the realisation of a comprehensive concept developed by Emblaze Mobile to define the differentiating factor of its product; user experience. It combines a unique user experience with fully-functioning device capabilities that are tightly integrated yet capable of autonomous functioning, giving the end user a completely coherent and flawless experience, the company claimed.

Users can interact with the various functions of the device – such as phone, GPS navigation or camera – in the same way they interact with the equivalent stand-alone devices used on a daily basis outside of the mobile experience.

With out of the box information set up and creative graphical user interface, the First
ELSE provides functionality that is able to match that of off the shelf devices, while maintaining ease and simplicity of use.

Emblaze Mobile also released details on the suite of pre-integrated services to be provided with the First ELSE. The set of top class features – including live PIM, full media store, RSS live updated newspaper, over the air backup and restore, global on-board GPS connected to all the device’s applications, and much more – allows for seamless connectivity between end users and the operator.

The First ELSE is powered by ELSE Intuition, the new mobile platform jointly developed by Access, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets, and Emblaze Mobile. ELSE Intuition takes advantage of ACCESS Linux Platform v3.0 capabilities, provides advanced flexibility and configurability, enabling users to run multiple applications simultaneously, switching between them with ease. All data and content, including contacts, appointments, videos and photos can be rendered anywhere, not just within a single dedicated application, thus giving users faster, easier and more consistent access to their information.

The First ELSE was initially previewed in Japan on 22 October 2009, when ACCESS and
Emblaze Mobile first previewed the ELSE INTUITION platform. The device is expected to be commercially available in 2010, in the US and Russia.

Amir Kupervas, CEO of Emblaze Mobile, said: “Mobile phones have evolved tremendously to become lifestyle devices that enhance our lives in many ways. Smartphones represent the convergence of many technologies such as computing, Internet, consumer electronics and wireless, adding the convenience of being able to go everywhere, but still, they are first and foremost – phones. The First ELSE presents a new category in mobile devices. It is not a cell-phone, feature-phone, smart-phone or any phone for that matter. No longer just all in one, but all for one. All the applications are designed to serve us, the users, in the best way possible. Great technology is the kind that disappears when we use it, it’s so elegant and seamless, we don’t even know it’s there.”

ED SAYS: “Does the world need another operating system? We think not. This handset appears to be very intuitive based on demo films online, however, its interface is so different from what the end user is used to – and I’m not talking about you early adopters or mobile tech geeks out there, but regular people – that while it is being plugged as its selling point, it might also be its downfall. We will wait and see how it’s reception goes in the US next year, but we don’t expect great things for ELSE in the UK market.”

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