Mobility Moves on for Nimans

The mobility arena has entered a new phase of margin-rich activity according to distributor Nimans, creating additional valuable revenue streams for dealers. Head of Dealer Sales, Tim Freeth, says the market has moved on tremendously from standard mobile handset and PDA technology into more sophisticated system-based integration.

“Mobility is so much more diverse and popular than just a few years ago. Technology has evolved to mirror end user demand for more flexible working conditions where a person’s complete office communications can now fit in the palm of a hand.”

Freeth continued: “All the major suppliers offer systems which embrace mobility and make it a relatively easy sell for a reseller. As most applications are software based they are easy to install, where returns on investment can also be easily identified to create a powerful proposition for all concerned.”

He emphasised: “Technology is in place to automatically switch from say a mobile network to a desk phone which will ultimately reduce costs and generate quicker returns on investment.”

Turning to the future, Freeth added: “I think this kind of technology will grow in popularity, as the economy continues to stutter. Companies want to become leaner, meaner and more efficient and mobility applications can play a key role in satisfying the demands of today’s flexible and productive workforces. Virtually every company will have existing mobile phones and if they have appropriate systems in place, just by putting in a new application they are going to get a very rapid return on investment.”

Freeth points out that initially there was just mobile phone communication, then having access to e-mails was the next big thing but today there is complete system integration with one device and one contact number.

Freeth concluded: “There are lot of margin rich opportunities for resellers. A lot of the applications are software based so there’s low implementation and hassle free installation. There may be further services they can offer on the back of this such as wi-fi and mobile phones which can now be sourced, sim-free, from Nimans.

“Dealers are now starting to pick up in a big way on mobility trends; it is now much more streamlined, less complicated and easier to manage than in the past.”

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