MobiTV announces multi screen cross platform DRM solution

MobiTV is broadening support to its managed technology platform carriers and operator customers with a robust and secure digital rights management (DRM) solution that enables users to store content on their mobile device and watch it offline wherever they want.

MobiTV DRM solution will allow for a number of business models including subscriptions, rental, content metering, and sharing of content across multiple devices and platforms. By having the same DRM solution on all platforms, MobiTV technology allows easy authentication with minimal involvement by the end user.

“It was imperative for us, as multi-screen distribution becomes core to our business, to create a solution that allows for consumption of content on multiple screens and platforms, whether someone is on a plane or sitting in front of their home television,” said Cedric Fernandes, VP technology, MobiTV. “This solution provides the ability to track and supply content rights for the end user as well as the device, creating new business models around the multi-channel screen viewing concept.”

One of the major stumbling blocks in the past was that in order to support multiple devices and multiple platforms, there needed to be support for several different DRM technologies. This made DRM implementation both expensive and complex from operational and licensing perspectives. MobiTV worked closely with its content partners to create one cost effective solution that spans multiple devices.

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