Monetising LTE networks

M7 Managed Services Ltd has today released expert insight for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) looking to embrace 4G and monetise their LTE networks. CSPs are keen to avoid the common mistakes made with 3G, and with each investing an estimated £5 billion in the UK’s latest network, they are understandably keen to see a return on their investment.

Existing 3G network monitoring is creaking under the strain of huge amounts of data and ageing technology – if 4G networks are to be successful, CSPs need to take a far more rigorous approach. They need to:

Extract data from network traffic to improve insight into network health, ensure quality and security of the service.
Consider the longer term value of this data to provide new advertising and marketing opportunities.
Exploit data usage to move beyond flat rate data plans into more complex tariffs.

Neil Cornish, Managing Director at M7 Managed Services Ltd, explains, “According to research analysts Informa, despite an ever growing demand for connected devices and services, we are not paying the Content Service Providers any more money. Differentiation has become more and more difficult with price becoming the key factor. 4G offers a chance for differentiation and in this market first mover advantage is essential. Quality of Service, network availability and corporate specific data mining will become critical components in service differentiation. Many customers are now moving to shorter contracts. They are expecting service levels and offerings to improve in shorter timescales, so they don’t want to be tied in to a long term agreement. How does the CSP keep these customers from moving at the end of a shortening contract life?”

The benefits of 4G will be experienced by both consumers and businesses for the next decade and will, without doubt, contribute to a significant increase in the number of mobile devices.

Cornish continues, “The CSP that can gain swift insight into both network performance and customer behaviour can achieve rapid market differentiation that will create higher customer satisfaction and enable essential revenue generation.”

Software developers and the industry as a whole are desperately seeking the killer Application or Service for 4G. Meanwhile the CSPs are looking for the key to fast-track adoption, revenue generation and gaining rapid market presence. M7 Managed Services asserts that flexibility is the key, being able to take on and roll out new applications and services before competitors. To do this new Opex-based business models will be required that enable a flexible ‘plug and play’ network if the 4G CSPs are to deploy the systems that will allow them to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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