Money Talks for IT and Telecoms Workers

The majority of employees (61%) in IT and Telecoms will choose a career based on package (salary and benefits etc) above location (46%) or the content of the role (37%), says new research by Penna plc, a human capital management consultancy. Promotion prospects (13%) and the company’s values and ethics (13%) ranked the lowest in attracting employees to their current employer.

Penna’s ‘Meaning at Work’ research examines what creates meaning at work for employees and what employers need to do to implement it in their own organisations. The findings emerge from research carried out in the summer of 2005 with over 1,700 employees across Britain.

When asked what helps create a positive work experience, 40% stated the ability to go home on time. Additionally, the opportunity to work from home scored highly at 28%, nearly double the national average.
In regard to management style, 83% of IT and Telecoms employees said that either being respected or appreciated by their manager would create the most positive work experience.

IT and Telecom employees are some of the most loyal of the different sectors although one in five was looking to change employer in the next twelve months.

When asked what an organisation could expect in return for creating meaning at work the results are encouraging. 56% of IT and Telecom employees said they would be more motivated, 44% more loyal, and one in three (35%) would take more pride in their work.

“Although IT and Telecoms workers could be seen to be only interested in the package, this is not the whole picture,” says Paul Drew, Penna plc spokesperson for the IT and Telecoms sector. “The opportunity to work flexibly or from home would help create a positive work experience. Equally, managers should not forget that respect and appreciation can go a long way – after all, in a sector where talented employees are scarce it’s good to say thank-you.”

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