Monotype Imaging brings FlipFont to 3 UK

Monotype Imaging Holdings, a global provider of text imaging solutions, has announced that its FlipFont solution is now available to 3 UK customers on specific handsets.

Monotype Imaging has also expanded its selection of typefaces and its range of FlipFont-supported mobile devices, which enable users to swap their phone’s system default font with mobile-optimised, downloadable fonts. Users are able to change the look and feel of their device by having the user interface, phone menus and various applications displayed in a chosen font. The FlipFont application and suite of fonts are available for download from 3 UK’s mobile homepage now.

FlipFont is accessible to 3 UK customers using the Nokia N95, N95 8GB and N73 handsets, the same models supported by Vodafone UK with its FlipFont solution, available through the Vodafone Live! multimedia portal service.

New to the handset lineup is Nokia’s N96 mobile phone, which supports FlipFont for both Vodafone UK and 3 UK users. Monotype Imaging has also increased the number of downloadable fonts available to 3 UK and Vodafone UK users to 19.

John Seguin, executive vice president of Monotype Imaging, stated: “3 UK users are now able to personalise their phones with fonts they prefer. Today’s announcement underlines the major role fonts play in making phones more appealing. Individuals may prefer a font that simply looks more fun. Alternatively, a user may choose a font that seems more legible. In any scenario, FlipFont enables the phone to become more personally functional.”

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