More Conversations Are Key To Office Cultural Change

UCi2i has revealed it is giving away free video calling services with every Virtual Meeting Room. This is in light of its belief that the ability to carry out more simultaneous impromptu conversations, at low-cost, is the key to video communication adoption in a business environment.

Currently the trend has been to ramp up the number of seats in Virtual Meeting Rooms, some even more than 20 seats, overlooking other important factors. Rarely do such large meetings occur in the real world. The real value of video currently lies in the ability to communicate at a moment’s notice, face-to-face. Therefore the industry is seeing demand for point-to-point video communications rapidly increase.

So, for the next three months, with every Virtual Meeting Room that a customer subscribes to, UCi2i will be offering up to 16 free point-to-point video service plans, called YouConnect plans. A business would now be able to connect an entire team for the price of just one Virtual Meeting Room. They will have the power to meet in large numbers, whilst retaining the agility that individual calling provides. In addition to this, UCi2i is also going to include its soon to be launched video communications cloud-based web-application. This exciting innovation looks set to fundamentally transform the way people make video calls.

Michael Grant, Founder and Managing Director for UCi2i commented: “It’s all about conversations. When a business owns a Virtual Meeting Room it has enabled many people to communicate, at one time. This is one conversation. What we’re offering with this deal, is the ability for a team to have multiple conversations at any given time. Technology should not define how employees communicate, and this bundle really gives the power back to the individual. Our goal is to help businesses integrate video into their everyday communications, meaning they are more profitable, and their employees happier.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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