More Margin with Call Recording

Call recording vendor Retell says that call recording increasingly offers reseller’s and their customers a competitive advantage.

For the reseller the opportunity to profit from installs and sales and for the customer the opportunity to protect against disputes, comply with regulation and train staff on how to handle calls, thereby improving overall business performance.

In many ways the call recording market is opening up more opportunities for resellers. Take the ever increasing directives from the Financial Services Authority that protects us, the consumer against bad practices in the finance industry, increasingly in the mortgage arena, critical illness and Personal Protection Insurance (PPI). This has lead to compulsory recording of landline calls in finance and mortgage arrears and from the 14th of November 2011 the recording of mobile phone calls for those trading stocks and shares. With an experienced call recording partner opportunities in all these areas need not be out of reach of most resellers and are certainly not the exclusive domain of the big vendors as several of Retell’s partners will testify.

Today’s call recording systems should offer resellers easy installs, the largest choice of channel counts, an easy upgrade path and many value added options including Blackberry Mobile On-Premises Recording, secure hosted mobile recording, Pause/Stop/Start recording for credit card security and PCI Compliance, a Voice Firewall to protect phone systems from the rising tide of hacking and customisable ‘your calls are recorded’ announcements, an often asked question by customer.

New innovations in call recording and further regulation mean that resellers can profit from up-sells from old legacy systems that for example need to comply with PCI DSS directives on the storage of credit card information. This can be a very expensive upgrade for some customers so resellers should choose a call recording partner that can offer a choice of options and potentially install a full new system for the cost of the upgrade on a legacy system. Similarly the upgrade to mobile recording on existing call recording systems can be expensive making Retell’s on premises BlackBerry recording module and attractive proposition with the additional option of recording landlines for redundancy or disaster recovery.

Retell’s Sense Call Analyser recording platform was the first to include call recording with fully integrated call management all in one screen. This offers companies a very powerful business tool for performance management and training helping to improve conversion and customer retention rates, particularly relevant in the current climate. It is for this reason call recording offers not only a tool which serves best practice, but a strong case for a valuable return on investment. But Retell have taken the integration of call recording and call management a step further with their exclusive and Patented CLI Decoration which ensures that miss-matching of calls between the SMDR output and the call recorder is eliminated by placing a unique marker on calls. This also helps with PBX’s with ‘phantom trunks’ and where several calls that do not present their CLI all arrive at once with a similar call length.

Variety is the key for Retell with the Call Analyser call management and Voice firewall available as a standalone sale but with the option for resellers to add call recording at a later date. Call Analyser will be upgraded in January to include a web feed to the wallboard view, with call management tiles that flash and change colour to warn that a pre-set parameter has been reached and automatic revolving wallboard views.

As the UK’s only ‘active’ and ‘passive’ call recording circuit card manufacturer, Retell offers resellers the most competitive margins (generally 40%), installation opportunities backed by free training courses and a marketing scheme that rewards Platinum resellers with one week’s free use of Retell’s outsourced telemarketing partner. A continual in house Research and Development programme means the Sense system is future proofed and continues to improve with new applications including a new extension matching solution due for launch on 1st January. This new addition to the Retell Sense range also includes a wave form call player that can colour code clips of calls, for export and label them for easy future search.

As many ‘low cost’ systems hit the market Retell offers a note of caution to resellers to check the expandability of channels, ability to mix line types in one system, robustness of the system (as many sit on a shelf next to a PC) and the options to add valuable features. Retell’s Sense interface slots easily into a DVD drive bay of a PC which importantly needs to be to the correct specification, to offer safety and robustness with the same interface hardware used whether its 2 channels or 1002. Retell also believes that some options like the live wallboard on their entry level trunk recorder offer customers a more insightful view of day to day activity.

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