More Margin with Mobile Phone Recording

Whilst the 14th November deadline for Mobile Phone recording for FSA Compliance has passed, it’s still not too late for resellers to make a profit and increase their customer base.

Companies in the Finance Industry are still in the market for help with their mobile phone recording strategy, either because they have not decided on a solution or have been let down by their existing providers. Some observer’s estimate that up to 80% of companies have not complied and could face punitive measures if investigated by the FSA, so says Retell, the Sunbury on Thames based call recording manufacturer.

Some companies have taken the stance not to use mobile phones for share trading or transactions, as an interim measure, until they have sourced the ideal solution. Retell can help resellers by visiting customers with them or on their behalf to help their customers, through the mobile recording maze and offer solutions that best suit their requirements, at very attractive prices.

Retell has two mobile phone recording solutions; hosted recording for BlackBerry and other Smart phones and Sense On-Premises recording exclusively for BlackBerry phones. For convenience and ease of use both solutions do not required a change of SIM card or phone number. All associated costs are clear and upfront; with no hidden charges. For added security, all recorded calls are fully encrypted with our Sense On-Premises solution and our Hosted solution; which also uses a secure, UK based, BT supported hosted site for maximum data security.

The Sense Call Recording platform can also offer the options for PCI Compliance for card security, Firewall to prevent PBX hacking and recording of landlines for FSA, training or dispute avoidance. Furthermore, the mobile recording solution can offer added resilience to existing recording systems and for existing Sense landline recording users the option to add mobile recording and possibly the lowest on premises cost on the market.

The FSA regulation, for those in the financial services industry to record mobile calls when trading stocks and shares came in to force on the 14th November 2011. The aim of the regulation is to create visibility and transparency on all phone transactions, to ensure that calls are in line with FSA guidelines and to prevent fraud or insider trading. The FSA is also clamping down on those businesses talking about Mortgage Arrears, Critical Illness Insurance, Personal Protection Insurance or providing financial advice, all areas which Retell believes offers resellers great opportunities for landline and mobile recording.

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