More Reseller Opportunities say SpiriTel

Steve Burgess of communications provider SpiriTel says that with the roll out of BT’s 21st Century Network during 2009, the switchless reseller market has seen a growth in opportunities due to greater mainstream visibility.

“As the carrier’s customers become more aware of the services which are on offer, and are savvier about the way in which they shop for such services, they begin to look for ways to achieve the best levels of functionality at the lowest cost.

This is where the resellers are able to capitalise on their ability to provide converged voice and data access alongside other applications such as SAAS, or products such as SIP trunks. Resellers are able to be more flexible in terms of bespoke solutions for businesses, which in turn means a greater flexibility in terms of price. The more channel relationships that have been developed by the reseller, the greater the variety of choice they will be able to provide to their customers.

There is however a danger that if you offer only a small set of products, customers will start to look elsewhere as comprehensive communications solutions become more and more important. The key to being competitive within the reseller market is the ability to diversify the product range being offered. For example, alongside VoIP a good addition to a product portfolio might be WiFi, allowing the reseller to design bespoke solutions for the customers, and reduce churn.”

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