More UK Consumers Do Their Christmas Shopping Via Mobile Phone

According to a recent industry survey, more young adults will use their mobile phone to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, say Just Call.

A recent survey conducted by UTalkMarketing and Toluna has revealed that one in three young adults in the UK are planning to use their mobile phone to do their Christmas shopping. The survey, which questioned 1300 consumers in the UK, found that 32% of 18-34 year olds questioned for the study said that they were going to use their mobile phone to purchase gifts during the busy festive period.

A spokesperson for Just Call commented:

“The results of this survey are really very interesting, as they show that a significant amount of UK consumers, especially younger consumers, will be using their mobile phones to do their Christmas shopping, which is really quite extraordinary. It shows that phones have become so much more than a communication tool, and are now seen as a viable and reliable way of buying products online.”

However, it wasn’t just consumers in the 18-34 age group that expressed an interest in using their mobile phone to do their Christmas shopping; people in other age groups also said that they were planning on using their phone to buy gifts during the festive season. All in all, 14% of respondents aged between 35 and 54, and 9% of the over 55’s said that they would be shopping with their mobile device this Winter.

The spokesperson for Just Call continued:

“What’s also very intriguing about this survey is that it not only questions people in certain age groups, but also specific phone users. The survey revealed that iPhone users are the most likely group of people to make a purchase via their phone – with 42% of users saying that they were planning on using their mobile phone to buy gift this Christmas. 31% of Blackberry users and 27% of Android users said that they were planning on doing the same.

“This is really fantastic news for retailers and the telecommunications industry, as it shows that the demand for shopping on a mobile phone is rising, which can only be a good thing this Christmas.”

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