Most annoying mobile users top 10

A new survey has unearthed the ten most annoying habits people are guilty of when it comes to using their mobile phone, with talking too loudly into your mobile ranked as most irritating.

Brits were asked to think about what annoyed them most about mobile phone users, be it friends, family or just the general public, in the survey of 1,679 people undertaken by online mobile phone comparison site,

Loud conversations in confined space is the highest rated most annoying habit of mobile phone users, followed by comedy or inappropriate ring tones.

Next on the list is text messages that need to be deciphered as they make no sense, often using text abbreviation-speak, then people sending unwanted chain text messages or emails.

Number five most irritating is playing games and leaving the volume on for everyone to hear, with people who never answer their phones at six. Number seven is people who drop call you so you have to ring them back, then people who play their music really loudly so everyone in the same area can hear.

At nine is phone bores, those people who talk endlessly about how great their phone is and what it can do, with the wearing of blue tooth headsets at all times or a hands free kit when not really necessary last at 10.

Neil McHugh, managing director of Rightmobilephone said of the survey: “We have all been guilty of being the perpetrator of such a crime or been that poor person who has had to sit on the bus and listen to someone at the front’s entire conversation. It’s interesting to see what riles people but I am not surprised by the top ten. It seems that when it comes to mobile phones there are plenty of irritating habits which are annoying to others.

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