Most Small Firms are Victims of Crime

Almost six in 10 companies are victims of crime every year, half of which goes unreported, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) claims.

The small business lobby group’s survey of more than 18,000 business owners suggests that firms in the north of England and those in urban areas are most likely to be affected by crime, but that one in four owners would not report it to the police as they don’t have confidence that the police would find the criminals.

“There is a perception amongst business owners that the UK is experiencing a crime epidemic and that no-one cares,” said David Croucher, FSB crime spokesman. “Sentences are lower for commercial burglaries than domestic burglaries, and criminal damage and theft from commercial premises have effectively been de-criminalised.

“There are twice as many crimes against businesses as crimes against households, but business crime comes low on the list of Home Office priorities. The government sets 13 targets for the police and none of them feature business,” he added.

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