Most SMBs Not Familiar with Technology say Nortel

Marco Pasculli, EMEA SMB leader at Nortel says the PBX market for under 24 extensions is still growing and will continue to grow because companies need to adapt their business to new challenges following globalisation.

“Every SMB is now competing, collaborating and selling to companies irrespective of size, location and, sometimes, core business activities. These companies have to innovate to maintain competitive advantage and communication clearly provides different and professional tools to achieve this goal. A standard telephony system is not enough.

Most SMBs are not familiar with telephony technologies and IP is irrelevant to them, so they do not have a clear opinion. Our goal is explaining to the end customers the advantages of intelligent communication within their business, not simply discussing technicalities. We have been doing that directly and through our qualified channels for a long time, and will continue to do so. We sell innovation and IP is a component of it.

The way to sell more IP technologies to SMBs is based on providing them with business reasons about the need to be innovative in a global market and of having a different, modern and professional communication system at the core of their activities – not just having a telephony system as a tool for making and receiving calls.”

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