Motion F5 Tablets selected by Swiss Air Rescue for mobile computing

Motion Computing, a provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, announced that Rega (Rescue Flight Services and Aerial Protection), a Swiss air rescue service, is managing electronic documentation for the company’s maintenance center and air support with Motion F5 Tablet PCs.

The F5s were selected because of the rugged, yet lightweight design, ease of use and highly visible outdoor display. Now important information is readily available through the mobile devices on the ground or in the air.

Rega provides medical aid in the form of ambulance jets and helicopter rescue support around the clock, from the home base at the Zurich-Kloten Airport in Switzerland. The majority of rescue assignments involve helicopters to access mountainous areas. Helicopters are required to carry extensive documentation including maps, minimum equipment lists (MEL) and operating manuals, which take up valuable space and add to the weight of the aircraft. Rega sought to improve documentation efficiency while reducing the extra weight, and after evaluating several options, chose the Motion F5 Tablet PCs.

Rega selected the F5s because they allow for extensive documentation storage and space for further applications. IP54-rated and MIL-STD 810G tested to ensure protection from drops and moisture, with integrated Gorilla Glass for enhanced durability, the tablets provide defense against constant vibrations and jolts. Additionally, the ViewAnywhere Display enables pilots to view information from any angle, despite glares caused by snow or sunlight.

The F5s are helping Rega achieve significant efficiency gains across its network. The F5s synchronize to Rega’s Microsoft SQL Express database that contains current data on flight obstacles and specific dangers, so the information is always available and up to date.

Additionally, manually intensive paperwork has been eliminated and necessary documentation is made available electronically, which frees up space for medical equipment and lowers the on-board weight of materials.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the F5s and the operational improvements we’ve realized as a result of going paperless,” said Marcel Haldimann, IT project head at Rega. “The tablets are clearly designed for use in outdoor environments and adapt easily to our workflows. Further, the F5s offer a number of additional valuable options, leaving us a lot of room to add applications in the future.”

“Rega is a great example of how Motion’s Tablets can be integrated across a variety of environments, for maximum productivity through access to necessary information at the point of service,” said Mike Stinson, VP of Marketing at Motion. “It’s exciting to see companies like Rega move to a mobility solution that increases productivity and enhances the overall safety of the operation.”

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