Motorola Launches Predictive 802.11n Planning Tool Suite

The Enterprise Mobility business of Motorola has announced a set of 802.11n planning tools featuring predictive networking capabilities—Motorola’s 11n LANPlanner. The software suite – now in its 11th edition – has been enhanced to simulate the performance of 802.11n products like Motorola’s AP-7131, the industry’s first tri-radio 802.11n access point (AP).

The new generation of WLAN technology – 11n – is widely considered as a key enabler for enterprises to transition from wired networking to an all-wireless enterprise. However, as enterprises start to deploy 11n technology in their network, they face several challenges not previously encountered with legacy standards. The new LANPlanner migration wizard provides predictive RF modeling for the AP-7131 and other 11n access points, which is essential for taking the guesswork out of WLAN design and development for enterprises deploying homogeneous or mixed 11n networks. In addition, customers deploying intrusion prevention systems will be able to predict sensor coverage for the AP-7131’s built-in sensor radio for secure 802.11n deployments.

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