Move on to Strategic Development say Daisy Wholesale

Carl Churchill, Managing Director of Daisy Wholesale, says that whilst the scale to which his company has grown is significant for many business reasons, Daisy has not lost any of its entrepreneurial edge along the way.

“We are still deal makers at heart but now we have the added advantage of having the resources and capabilities to invest in helping our channel partners grow their own business through the range of products, services and support we are able to provide them.

Some observers have commented that choice in the network services market is diminishing for resellers however we believe that it is more important for resellers to be able to find a partner with good products and services with a story to tell about how they can support them to grow in to new markets than have 25 suppliers from which to slice up their pence per minute call rates.

Daisy has made many strategic acquisitions, murphx and O-bit are two good examples, where we have been able to expand our product offerings and support skills base at the same time.

Today, Daisy Wholesale is a £55m business, employing 140 people and are entrepreneurs rather than corporate managers. Yes, we are consolidating the market but at the same time there is also a consolidation need for resellers when it comes to supplier relationships.

Our customers come to us and say, ‘We have four carrier relationships and five broadband suppliers’, which is not uncommon at all. What we do for them is carry out a supplier “health check” and make a proposal showing where we can improve margins and help the reseller grow their business.

For a reseller trying to manage a dozen supplier relationships there are many difficulties, not least of which is the time needed to manage them but also all the different administrative procedures they need to have in place. Working with just one supplier – Daisy Wholesale, removes those obstacles and opens up the opportunity for the reseller to focus on sales and grow the value in their company.

Today resellers want to shift away from pence per minute conversations and move on to the strategic development of their business.”

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