Movidilo announces 4.1 release of mobile platform

Movidilo has released the latest upgrade of its technology platform for developing advanced mobile applications for customer care, marketing or value added services.

This upgrade extends the range of mobile phones supported by the platform and delivers greater agility in application development in addition to improvements for system administration and management tools.

Version 4.1 of the platform enables the development of enterprise applications delivering usability, interactivity and graphical richness, all key features of Movidilo technology, to be easily deployed to supported Blackberry devices. The latest addition to an already large pool of supported mobile devices strengthens platform universality.

The 4.1 platform improves application development and management in the unified platform environment for creating more complex mobile applications. The needs of the most demanding developer are met through a straightforward user interface which makes it easy to develop applications for all mobile devices and deliver visually powerful and rich user experiences.

A new feature on the 4.1 platform enables dedicated local data storage directly in the terminal for information such as personal preferences and configuration, as well as frequently used data, without requiring network access. This way, users are facilitated up to date information at all times. The enhanced platform capacities for personalisation and interactivity increase interface agility and usability. This in turn boosts user satisfaction, acceptance and retention in the mobile channel.

The central server for distributing and managing applications has also been improved to make administration easier and more intuitive. Automatic and dynamic application installations and updates which are user transparent cut operational costs to increase benefits and competitive advantage for its clients.

Monitoring systems and report generation tools too have been enhanced to provide more detailed information on platform performance, application usage and other key indicators, as well as increasing the number of analysis and decision-making instruments at hand.

As Iván Moreno, product director at Movidilo stated: “This new evolution of the Movidilo platform allows our clients and partners to take corporate services to the mobile channel to many more terminals faster and more easily than ever. We are delighted at how well this has been received and accepted in the international market.”

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