Movidilo launches advanced widget technology

Mobile marketing and customer self service solutions provider, Movidilo, has announced its new technology line based around advanced widgets to support transactional capabilities. The advanced Movidilo widgets give the B2C market the chance to offer a range of new mobile applications – m-commerce, ticketing, social networking or marketing – which can be deployed across a huge range of mobile phones.

Building on the existing benefits of mobile widgets, such as simple installation, discovery and ease of use, this new technology goes much further to deliver a vastly improved user experience, which can support all sorts of multimedia content. Movidilo widgets make the most of high quality graphics and multimedia features to provide an attractive and user friendly interface.

“The transactional capabilities of our widgets are ideal for the launch of all kinds of new and more complex services such as m-commerce, ticketing, social networking, marketing or leisure, to name a few,” said Domingo López Montesdeoca, CEO at Movidilo. “End users can enjoy an entirely new and refreshing experience on the mobile for any service or value-added functionality created with dynamic Movidilo widgets.”

The ability to run the widgets on a broad range of mobile devices is another unique feature. Movidilo technology is mobile platform and vendor agnostic, guaranteeing a consistent and uniform user experience across devices.

“The possibilities are endless,” continued López Montesdeoca. “Anyone can develop and deploy their own advanced widgets for the mobile channel with our technology, which enables them to engage with their users in a dynamic and interactive way. And they can do this without having to worry about mobile device or platform fragmentation and diversity.”

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