MTV Telecom in Positive Mood and Recruiting for 2009

Martin Hatcher, Chairman of distributor MTV Telecom, has told Comms Business Magazine that his company is set to grow in 2009-2010 and that he is recruiting more sales staff to handle demand for communications applications that drive down user cost and increase productivity.

Hatcher said, “Whilst the Government acknowledges that we are now in a full recession and the pundits realistically project a poor economic position until May 09 at the earliest, there are, as always, winners and losers. Indeed communications, the fitness industry, and hoteliers etc. are all doing extremely well despite the downturn and I think we can be grateful that within our sector most of us are not directly involved with the manufacture of cars or luxury goods. Indeed there is considerable pain, albeit as a distributor of communication technologies, we are seeing the reverse.

There is a degree of logic in this position as companies baton down the hatches and look inevitably at head count and whilst doing so recognise the need to increase efficiencies via communication, both internally and externally as this is where convergence really wins.

We are seeing a continual increase in demand for applications and as such where many companies are now looking to downsize in terms of personnel, their appetite for our technologies seems insatiable. This by no means detracts from the reality of the marketplace and smart people inevitably respond by getting smarter.

Here at MTV Telecom, as part of ScanSource Inc, we have the resource and will to take full advantage of the situation and as such we are actively recruiting, especially on the sales floor, to increase our footprint and to offer additional value-add to our reseller base. Our growth projection is continuing and we believe that we will be looking to expand throughout 09 and well into 2010.

It is interesting that our vendors are also becoming more focused and driven by the insight to deliver cost-effective sales in an environment which clearly indicates that many of our competitors will simply not be able to do so.

So, whilst the situation certainly is challenging, we are in the right place at the right time and the only piece of advice I can give on a personal note is to stop watching the news, which is being driven by the media, and switch to The Simpsons at 6pm which will certainly lighten your mood.”

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