MTV Telecom say Convergence Remains a Channel Challenge

Distributor MTV Telecom has demonstrated its commitment to the voice and data integration market by being a Gold Sponsor of the Convergence Summit at Sandown Park this October.

Chairman Martin Hatcher commented, “Whilst it is clear to most observers that the market for convergence is maturing the fact remains that the pace of change and the dynamics of product and application development is as fast and as furious as it ever was. For all channel players this represents a challenge. The need for information, and requisite skill sets to compete in the market is paramount which is why for example MTV Telecom has this year made further investments in the type and level of technical support we offer our own channel partners.

The Convergence Summit represents a great opportunity for resellers to progress along the convergence journey in that is addresses one of these fundamental needs – that for seeking out information and this year at the Summit there will be more exhibitors and educational seminars than ever.

To address the other key element for resellers, that of skill sets, I believe that the investment that resellers put in to their training and accreditations will pay off in spades. Obviously some people will comment, ‘Well you would say that wouldn’t you?’ but consider this – differentiation is crucial if any channel player, vendor, distributor and reseller, is to be successful. Well constructed application configuration and implementation brings happy customers who in turn enable further business to be gained through testimonials and reference sites.

MTV Telecom believes passionately in training and accreditation which is why we have recently expanded in to new premises dedicated to delivering the finest training available in the channel. We literally ran out of space for the various training courses being demanded by the channel and are seeing record training places being booked with both Avaya and Swyx. Our position as the only authorised training organisation for the Siemens 2000 product has placed further emphasis on our commitment to training and the recognition of our expertise.

We are currently undertaking ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes for Panasonic with the imminent launch of their KX-TDE IP Communication Platform. Needless to say we are delighted that we are now recognised as de-facto training organisation for the channel.”

Hatcher concludes by adding that his investments in training and technical support are reaping rewards for resellers as his sales figures confirm.

“We are enjoying record revenues, the last quarter being our highest sales of IP Office in the company’s history. The Swyx soft IP PBX continues to enjoy quarter-on-quarter record sales with a substantial number of dealers migrating to MTV Telecom from other distributors and vendors who are perceived to be either less than stable or lacking proactive support to the channel.”

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