Multilingual talking dictionaries launched for iPhone and iPod Touch

Paragon Software Group, software developer and content provider for mobile devices and desktop PCs, and PONS, a company known for its green dictionaries and self study materials, have launched a series of multilingual dictionaries for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Linguistic dictionary content from the 30 year publishing veteran PONS and Paragon’s SlovoEd engine have been combined. This is now set to bring premium traditional dictionary content to iPhone users directly on the mobile screen, beginning with PONS Advanced English, PONS Advanced French and PONS Advanced Italian.

Paragon’s dictionaries under the SlovoEd engine allow iPhone users to take advantage of the iPhone’s superb user interface, easy to use on-screen keyboard and many other device features, which work together to increase look up speed even more over paper dictionaries.

PONS dictionaries were tailor-made for the iPhone. The dictionary database is powered by PONS under the SlovoEd application engine and contains 117,171 entries. Audio modules contain nearly 40,000 live voice pronunciations prerecorded by native speakers.

No Internet connection is required; users simply download the dictionary once and use it on the iPhone or iPod Touch without any additional expenses.

The multilingual PONS dictionary series will be available from the Apple Store soon.

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