Multitone celebrates its 80th birthday

Multitone Electronics Plc is celebrating its 80th birthday. The company says it is dominant in providing resilient messaging systems to hospitals and the Emergency Services in the UK and delivers sophisticated messaging systems to a myriad of customers around the globe.

“Developing innovative communication systems that maximise messaging technology is what we are about. If it is imperative that a message is sent and received, then paging has been proven to be the most reliable methodology; this is why it is commonly used in what is termed “critical communications” stated Stephen Gentry CEO of Multitone Electronics.

“We are very proud of our heritage and what we have achieved over the last 80 years. This milestone is an opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements and to acknowledge how we are going to continue to progress in the future. Today the company is expanding our product range and utilising our understanding of messaging technologies with other communication systems. Innovation was the premise on which the company was founded, and I am proud to state that we are continuing that entrepreneurial spirit, even after all this time.”

Founded by Joseph Poliakoff on 9 May 1931 the company was originally known for its work on developing the hearing aid for the hard of hearing, the most prestigious customer being Winston Churchill. Joseph Poliakoff and his son Alexander were continual innovators and are acknowledged as the pioneers of the pager, which became known as “the bleeper”. The first ever paging system was installed in St Thomas’s Hospital, London England in September 1956. Since that time the company has worked with several strategic partners to develop a series of products that provide the most cost effective and reliable communication systems.

The first office was opened in London in 1931; in 2011 there are three locations in the UK, one in Germany, Malaysia, Brazil and the USA.

Today Multitone is part of Kantone Holdings, a member of the Champion Technology group of companies.

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