murphx and Xrio Form Channel Bond

Even faster, more resilient and more economical bonded connectivity is now a reality for murphx customers.

The exciting new market-place offering is the result of collaboration between the fast-growing connectivity wholesaler murphx and Unified Bandwidth Management (UBM) provider Xrio Ltd.

Utilising Xrio’s hardware and software UBM solutions, the deal will enable murphx to deliver additional bandwidth to its wholesale partners and provide resilience to customers’ broadband service.

murphx Director Carl Churchill adds: “We are seeing an increasing demand from our partners for bonded DSL solutions, in many cases, as an alternative to leased line connectivity. Having worked with a number of our partners to deploy Xrio solutions in our network with excellent results they were the clear choice when we were considering our future bonded proposition.

Shelley Garbutt-Wilson, Director of Sales at Xrio says: “The partnership opens up a whole new segment in the ADSL, SDSL and copper wire marketplace offering high speed, resilient connectivity and greater bandwidth to feed the growing demand within organisations embracing convergent applications.”

Carl adds: “The UBMi range features an integrated multi port router that cuts down time for configurations and installations and allows us and our partners to support one device in the field instead of a number of devices. The solutions will allow our partners to not only increase bandwidth but to guarantee DSL uptime by blending different technologies on our network.”

Shelley continues: “This is something businesses are crying out for. It is the next step in helping their organisation grow whilst reducing spend on their network infrastructure. Before, companies were left in limbo; they either had ADSL, SDSL or leased lines and there was nothing in between for companies wishing to move up from single DSL services and businesses wishing to move down from costly inflexible infrastructures . Now DSL customers can enjoy the increased bandwidth options without the cost of leased lines, while those with leased lines can adopt a more cost-friendly option. Our technical teams have worked hard to create a bandwidth aggregation appliance that provides all the features needed whilst ensuring end to end resilience, which deployed correctly can guarantee up times of 100%! A number of our customers have used the murphx network for other Xrio deployments and it is clear they have built a diverse and flexible rock solid network that works incredibly well with our technology. It makes it very simple for resellers to sell the ISP offering so everyone is a winner.”

The Xrio UBMi offering is a world first with integrated two or four port ADSL routers onboard. It does not require the replacement of firewalls or routers and can be set up with no interruption to existing connectivity and infrastructure. Specialist pre-sales and technical support from murphx ensures that it is truly offering a solution that can help resellers achieve sales traction.

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