murphx launches x-connect – ‘the most significant progression of broadband services in the UK’

The launch of new broadband solution x-connect this week marks a sea change in the connectivity market and provides ‘the most significant progression of broadband services in the UK’, according to its producers. murphx, one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing broadband specialists, is confident that it has bridged the gap between standard broadband and expensive leased line solutions, using Cisco technology. Announcing the launch, murphx Director Carl Churchill stated:

“A lack of bandwidth means limited download and upload speeds, reduced productivity and poor performance of bandwidth-hungry applications such as VoIP, Video Conferencing and ‘Cloud’ solutions. With x-connect, we are utilising sophisticated and resilient connectivity options with easily installed, preconfigured customer equipment, complete connectivity and hardware management and maintenance. Multiple carrier resilience is provided within many of the murphx solutions which means that you have not only higher speeds, but also the peace of mind end users require from dependable, resilient internet connectivity.”

Murphx says that until the launch of x-connect, businesses have had the choice between risking lost productivity through lower bandwidth, and investing in an expensive leased line solution. x-connect offers a third way which allows businesses to benefit from higher bandwidth and speed availability without the investment or maintenance costs.

Churchill added: “We deliver preconfigured customer-based hardware, ensuring entry costs are low but service improvements are high. We’ve invested a lot in this, because we know it’s what the market needs; it’s what businesses across the UK need. We’ve combined multiple carrier connections into a single resilient solution, so we’re not just offering greatly enhanced connectivity, but connectivity with a service level that our customers can depend on.”

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