Murphx Supports ISPs’ 21CN Transition

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to running a successful business. This is why newly voted ISP of The Year murphx is helping ISP providers grow their business without the heavy burden of costs and commitment normally associated with this market sector.

Recognising the constraints placed on ISPs when it comes to upgrading their services, the leading wholesale connectivity solutions provider has invested heavily in BT capacity and installed two additional 622MB IP Stream central pipes.

The move facilitates an easy and scalable transition to 21CN – BT’s multi-billion pound software-driven next generation network – which in turn will support customer base growth as well as an increase in bandwidth utilisation with applications such as VoIP, video and the BBC service, iPlayer.

Carl Churchill, murphx Director, explains: “The largest proportion of BT broadband services still remain on its 20th Century Network. For an ISP to gain access to this network they have to buy central pipe capacity. ISPs are stuck in a difficult situation; they must support growth in their customer base as well as the increase in bandwidth utilisation. However, if they go to BT they face set-up costs plus a 12 month commitment on what will become a legacy service as the 21CN project evolves. This contractual commitment could also limit their ability to invest in 21CN until the term has expired generating churn within their customer base as they’re unable to offer the much-publicised “next generation broadband”.

“We are offering ISP’s a LSS (local service selection) solution where they can maintain their existing BT account, but utilise our central pipe capacity to support their growth until they are in a position to make a decision on their 21CN investment.

“This way our customers can grow with us without the commitment or cost and buy themselves some time to put real consideration into their 21CN strategy.”

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