murphx Switches On to Success

Access to BT’s next generation communication services is just a click away thanks to an interconnect deal for murphx Innovative Solutions using 21CN – BT’s multi-billion pound software-driven next generation network.

For murphx customers access to this next-generation network means faster broadband services that, as they are based on a more advanced and flexible technology, can be further developed to meet the changing demands of the broadband end user.

21CN is the result of collaboration between the telecoms industry, engineers, technology experts, government and business. Carl Churchill, murphx Director, said: “Buying into this service is a natural progression as murphx strives to embrace new technology for our partners to continue to be at the cutting edge of technological innovation.”

“21CN currently covers 40% of the UK and our investment is the start of our own migration project from BT’s Colossus network over to 21CN. This will open up opportunities for people to have ADSL2+ services (up to 24mbit) over BT’s network. The network is also considerably more cost-effective to manage than the traditional central pipes and, as such, will make our proposition more competitive for partners. It will also open up a series of new convergent opportunities as BT’s 21CN based service proposition grows. It will allow our customers to communicate and connect with their clients like never before.”

murphx receives Key Relationship Management through the BT Business Service Provider Group and anticipates significant growth as a result in the investment over and above the exponential growth the business has achieved, particularly over the past two years. Mr Churchill added: “Relationships are at the centre of everything we do. As such we work closely with BT to ensure the experience we provide our partners is the best available.”

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