MVNOs’ Roaming Profits Soar With TravelSim

TravelSim’s low data roaming charges eliminates the cost-concern for mobile users abroad with higher data consumption generating soaring roaming profits for its world-wide network of partner Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

All travellers need to guard against high data roaming charges from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in partnership with their home mobile network provider.

Today’s perceived ‘high’ cost of roaming while abroad greatly suppresses demand. Many mobile users simply turn off mobile data on their devices; use it to a minimal extent or frantically search for Wi-Fi hotspots.

Today’s travelling mobile user is often ‘scared’ to download data, use email, maps or Sat Nav, even though it would greatly simplify their holiday/business experience. This is not only bad news for the traveller but also for MVNOs.

If MVNOs could control the data roaming charges of travellers, it would allow them to capture a huge amount of increased revenue as smartphones would suddenly be allowed to be ‘smart’ again.

TravelSim places the user in full control of what they spend whilst abroad. By eliminating the cost concern for travellers, whether it is business or pleasure, MVNOs can expect to at least quadruple data usage of people entering their network on a temporary basis and drive greater profits into their operations.

“Quite simply, TravelSim decreases the roaming charges for the mobile consumer and increases the roaming profits of MVNOs,” says Mikhail Markin, Head of Product Development Department, TravelSim.

“By teaming with TravelSim, MVNOs can drive more users to their network and greatly increase ARPU from travellers who are temporarily utilising their service. This means increased profits.

“TravelSim has agreements in place with MVNOs the world over ensuring that our customers get the best possible rates no matter where they are. We are continuously looking to link-up with new MVNOs who can help us improve our product.

“These agreements with MVNOs not only improve our product, but can also increase traffic fourfold for the MVNO, as mobile utilities which were previously seen as too expensive while abroad, suddenly become affordable. In essence, we let the traveller’s smartphone become smart again, meaning data consumption dramatically increases on our partner networks, which in turn, drive profits through the roof.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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