MWC: Doro Releases New Feature Phone Models

Doro has unveiled its new range of 3G feature phones – the Doro 6520, 6525 and 6530. Even though smartphone penetration is growing globally – a large proportion of people aged over 65, Doro’s target market, still use feature phones and therefore is still a priority area for Doro.

Doro’s ongoing research has shown why its user group is choosing a feature phone – 30% state that having a large keypad for typing is the main purpose and over 50% state that a mobile with louder, clearer sound is the key reason behind their purchase. Two thirds also state that they want both an easy-to-use camera and an assistance button within their device. Most importantly there is still 40% of people over 65 that prefer to own a feature phone and are not looking to upgrade – primarily for its core functions of text messaging and calling.

Chris Millington, Managing Director at Doro UK and Ireland, commented on the launch: “There is still a need for feature phones. Upgrading to a full smartphone does not suit everyone – many of our target group wants a well-designed device for calling and texting, with some additional digital functions. Facebook and Twitter are mainstream technology and these devices bring accessibility of this popular media to people of all ages.”

The highest spec phone of the trio is the Doro 6530. This device has GPS technology to facilitate the company’s support service offer – Doro Connect & Care – this will provide a widely accessible first step toward a truly mobile consumer telecare offering. Doro Connect & Care takes the company’s successful My Doro Manager remote assistance concept a step further – it allows a network of friends and family to be contacted when the user needs help or support with something e.g. going food shopping, a problem in the home, taking to a doctors appointment etc. It is therefore a way to offer a greater level of direct support to the person in life, not just in the device, and offers family an even greater peace of mind.

The three devices all offer many user benefits to help people get more from their phone. The extra large 2.8″ colour displays give crisp clear viewing. Whilst features such as Hearing Aid Compatibility, amplified sound and HD Voice mean the audio experience is of an extremely high quality. The World Health Organisation reports that over 5% of the global population has some form of hearing loss and the largest group affected are over 65 – which further highlights the need for high quality audio.

The two top models, Doro 6525 and Doro 6530, both come with an external display clearly showing to the user who’s calling and enabling the user to decide whether to take the call or not without even opening the phone.
Doro has also added talking numeric keys to its feature phones enabling the user to hear which number has been pressed – a helpful and reassuring function for the user. Other features that come as standard across all models include; Bluetooth connectivity, one touch torch, FM radio, well-spaced keys and direct dial buttons for key functions.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine