MWC: Huawei Shares Big Data Vision

Huawei showed its latest progress of FusionInsight-Universe Big Data Analytics Platform under the theme of ‘Open, Efficient and Intelligent’ in MWC 2016, Barcelona, including intelligent data production system, easy-to-use big data analytics environment, and Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) solution.

Ease of use and openness is the key to ‘big data’ era, and should be the common objective of the industry for big data solution design. Raymond Meng, chief architect of Huawei FusionInsight-Universe, point out product design principle of FusionInsight Universe.

AI and big data analytics should be available anytime and anywhere, just like common internet service and the cloud computing service, Meng said. The short term objective of FusionInsight-Universe is to implement the ease to access & use of big data in telecom industry, which will enable operators to be really benefited from big data so as to improve the business and operation efficiency.

To realize that, the FusionInsight-Universe provides an analytics development environment, which encapsulates professional data model, analytics model and algorithms, so that end users can do data explore and business analysis without professional knowledge through the graphic UI.

A real big data platform must improve the efficiency of the platform itself via the utilization of ‘big data’ capability. Unfortunately, traditional source data integration work during big data deployment rely on manual work, and cost about 70% of the project time. FusionInsight-Universe utilizes its analytics capabilities on data integration including source data analysis and mapping to converged data model, which makes the data production process intelligent and automated, and improve the efficiency of data production by 70%.

For the development trend of big data ecosystem, Meng shared his understanding. The establishment of big data ecosystem can be investigated from 2 perspectives: ecosystem of big data platform and analytics capacities openness, and ecosystem of data asset and insights monetization.

For Big Data platform and analytics capabilities openness, Huawei FusionInsight-Universe provide BDaaS capabilities to enable PaaS and SaaS business model. BDaaS will help operator for quick digital service development, agile service innovation and data monetization with 3rd party, and at same time, BDaaS help operators and SMEs to maximize the utilization of resources, reduce TCO and TTM.

Regarding ecosystem of data asset exchange and openness, it will bring huge social benefits, but the benefits come with risks of information security and privacy abuse. So the platform CSP build should provide effective data security management to guarantee customer’s privacy, while support quick digital service development and business innovation. Building ecosystem need openness and collaboration cross the industry, and the collaboration between government and companies.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine