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MWC: Samsung Launch S6!

There has been a long wait for the latest Samsung flagship the Galaxy S6 but finally the wait is over! So lets cut to the chase… this is looking impressive, seriously impressive! Likely to be launched in late April the device comes packing a monumental leap in screen technology. During the presentation of the new device it was reported that the new screen has 77% more pixels than the S5! This will surely put the screen head and shoulders above anything in the market.

The rear camera has a 16MP sensor, with an aperture of f1.9 – roughly an improvement of 34% over the Galaxy S5. Worryingly the S6 only comes with a 2550mAh battery compared to the 2800mAh in the S5…this could be a MASSIVE stumbling block as many users found the S5 inadequate when it came to battery life. The OS is still Android but a flatter sharper version, some users expecting a big overhaul , may be disappointed. There are many other improvements on the device which could put clean air between the S6 and Apples latest range. Once we get our hands on the device we will give you a thorough review.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine