MWC: Truphone Solve Common Conferencing Pain Points

Truphone has announced the beta trial of Truphone Conference Assistant. The cloud-based service will solve a common issue with teleconferencing that executives on the move are familiar with – the dropped call. Join the conference using TCA and it will keep your place. Lose your connection and redialing will immediately return you to the conference bridge. This eliminates the search for dial in details and PIN credentials.

The beta test will be made available through the URL In the beta, Truphone will provide a bridging number for the conference call service. In full deployment the user experience is seamless. It is a cloud application that operates at the network level and does not require the end user to install or use any special applications, and it works on any handset and any network.

James Tagg, Chief Innovation Officer, Truphone, said, “We have all experienced the frustration of joining a conference call when we have to rush out to our next meeting. Step into the elevator and the call drops. What follows is a mad scramble for the conference call number and the log in details to re-join the call. Moments later the call drops again as we go through a dead spot in the subway. Our colleagues on the call are equally frustrated as the bridge announces the entry and exit of each participant, defeating the purpose. Truphone Conference Assistant solves this.”

“Our Conference Assistant is a step into the intelligent assistant domain and shows how network intelligence can be deployed in an agile way. We expect to see many more examples of network intelligence ship in the coming years and we will be at the forefront of this technology.”

Truphone intends to offer Truphone Conference Assistance to customers and as a service to other operators and partners. Truphone welcomes discussions of partnership agreements with conference service providers, or other mobile network operators.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine