Myphones Releases Altos Phone Buddy

MYPHONES.COM has released version 3 of Altos Phone Buddy with a range of new productivity and contact features that harness the power of the Altos hosted platform on Windows PCs and laptops.

Altos Phone Buddy is a free application for all Altos subscribers who use Windows-based office systems. The app runs in the background, providing easy access to the Altos user portal, as well as screen popups when new calls, voicemails or faxes arrive.

Version 3 of Altos Phone Buddy is a major new release. “The original Altos Phone Buddy showed you who was calling, let you listen to voicemails and read faxes, and made it easier to log in to the user portal,” said Simon Gregory, Technical Director and software engineer with

“We’ve brought Altos Phone Buddy right up to date, compatible with the latest versions of Windows and with modern presence and text-based communication features.

“Altos Phone Buddy 3 harnesses the power of the Altos platform, giving end users direct access to useful features in the portal, such as contact directories, better integration with external CRM services, and new ways to contact people – without having to log on to the portal or remember fiddly handset codes.”

New, additional communications features in Altos Phone Buddy 3 include: text messaging, email, alerts and instant messaging chat sessions, as well as the ability to leave voicemail messages or make calls with Click-2-Talk and Clipboard Dialling.

The new presence feature shows if an end user is online and allows them to set their status to indicate whether they are available, busy or away from their desk.

A new floating dashboard allows users to keep the whole of Altos Phone Buddy 3 conveniently positioned on their PC or laptop screen.
The dashboard shows the day’s phone activity: the calls that need to be returned, the voicemails waiting to be heard and the texts and alerts to be read. It enables users quickly to update their presence, access their telephone directories and make calls, and to divert their handset to voicemail or to another number.

“Altos Phone Buddy 3 has generated a lot of interest among the resellers we have shown it to during the testing phase,” said Simon Gregory. “We are looking forward to more feedback now the application has been released to help us enhance it still further.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine