Mywebcalls Joins XConnect

UK VoIP service provider mywebcalls, part of Telecomplete, has announced their membership in the XConnect Global Alliance, the world’s leading neutral, settlement-free VoIP peering federation.

The XConnect Global Alliance is the first multilateral settlement-free peering federation for the exchange of traffic between VoIP service provider members, with over 400 members in 35 countries. mywebcalls is a leading UK provider of VoIP services for residential and business users with both hosted and on site IP PBX solutions.

By joining the XConnect settlement-free Global Alliance, myweballs customers can now enjoy free VoIP calls to any other VoIP customer that subscribes to a participating Global Alliance service provider. Participating Internet Telephony service providers ‘plug and peer’ with each other through a single connection to the XConnect Network, avoiding the need to negotiate multiple exchange agreements. Alliance members choose to interoperate on a settlement-free commercial basis irrespective of geography and to pass on Zero-Cost or reduced cost international calls to their customers.

”We are delighted to welcome mywebcalls to the XConnect Global Alliance,” said Eli Katz, CEO and Founder of XConnect, “By integrating VoIP Peering into their services, my webcalls will enhance their service portfolio with free calls and future support for advanced features such as videoconferencing and high-quality audio codecs on calls to numbers in the XConnect Registry”

Director Mark Salvin, comments ‘We are continually developing our VoIP products and services. The relationship with XConnect will mean that we can offer our business and residential users even more free calls and a great range of enhanced services. The timing of our membership dovetails really well with both our strategic and product development. This is an exciting time for mywebcalls, and for the Telecomplete group as a whole.’

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