National Work Wise Week Draws Comment from Mitel

Andy Elliot, Marketing Director EMEA of Mitel, says: “Working from home or remotely has been steadily growing for a number of years – with many employees wanting the option of working from home and more businesses allowing their staff to work away from the office. The business benefits can be anything from better continuity planning, cost savings, productivity and motivation improvements and even widening the net for recruitment.

However, some employers still have reservations about implementing home working policies.

Interestingly, one issue that is often overlooked is the impact on the office environment for those that are not working remotely. Not only can effective teamwork become more challenging when team members are spread between office and remote locations, but also more generally, if people out of the office are difficult to contact, those in the office can feel a loss of connection with their colleagues. Indeed, in a survey conducted by Mitel last month, a significant proportion of office workers (48%) felt isolated and that teamwork was hampered by colleagues working remotely.

Technology is helping people overcome these concerns and bridging the gap between the potential of home/remote working and the real world experience of remote working. Our recent research revealed that employees themselves recognise the importance of getting the right technology in place, with four out of five people feeling that having the right technology available is important for supporting effective teamwork regardless of location.

With the right technology employees working from home have access to the same features and functionality as office based workers – enabling the ease of collaboration and speed of communication. Ultimately, ‘virtual teams’ can maintain the links between office and remote workers.

Mitel has witnessed a significant increase in the growth of home/remote working. The right technologies are delivering the real business benefits of home working and helping companies avoid the, real or perceived, pitfalls.”

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