Natterbox Extends Cloud PBX Services

Natterbox today announced an expansion of its desk phone range to deliver enhanced voice services, rapid deployment and simple, real-time administration.

With high definition voice, power over Ethernet and colour touchscreen options the new range delivers all the features that a variety of users will need. Critically, the Natterbox Voice Cloud architecture ensures there is no expensive and time consuming setup as the telephones arrive pre-configured and ready to go out of the box.

Neil Hammerton, CEO Natterbox; “The new range is the result of a long-term relationship with manufacturer Yealink. The integral partnership enables Natterbox to be a true plug-and-play Cloud PBX. The Yealink phones supplied by Natterbox will arrive pre-configured. There is no need to spend hours asking your users to find their MAC address or IP address and no need to walk to every phone and manually enter user details. Simply plug the phone into your network port and it will contact Natterbox and acquire the users configuration and settings automatically.”

In this mobile and cloud era many customers use a wide variety of phones so users don’t want to be tied to a single device for their calls. Hammerton; “Natterbox works with landlines, mobile and softphones, however for certain applications dealing with high call volumes and where voice quality is paramount such as inside sales or call centre teams the new Natterbox phones deliver the extensive features these customers demand.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine