NAVTEQ Network for Developers (NN4D) Selects Winner of Best Mobile Enterprise Solution

NAVTEQ, global provider of location content in the form of maps, traffic and places data that enables navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world, has announced Making Virtual Solid (MVS)-California as the winner of the NAVTEQ Network for Developers (NN4D) Special Topic Prize for Best Mobile Enterprise Solution at the 2011 European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) Awards Ceremony.

ESNC is an international competition seeking navigational concepts that harness the increased accuracy and reliability provided by Europe’s satellite navigation system, Galileo. As the winner, MVS-California will receive a business incubation package valued at over €75,000 in data licences, technical consulting and business development services.

Making Virtual Solid-California was chosen for its location-aware mobile True3D Head Up Display (HUD). The True3D HUD is used to safely portray objects as translucent overlays within a driver’s normal field of vision, using augmented reality to display navigational aids, safety signs and other location guidance as a natural part of the landscape. The system also offers the option for displaying driver-selected commerce options such as local deals and information about nearby businesses, while prioritising safety by keeping drivers focused on the road.

NN4D selected MVS–California as the winner from a competitive field of over 40 mobile enterprise solution ideas received around the world. Each submission was evaluated on a strict set of judging criteria that included innovation, marketability, feasibility, and effective implementation of location content. MVS–California was also crowned both USA Regional Prize winner and the overall Galileo Master 2011 at the Competition amongst 400 projects submitted.

“ESNC is about uncovering new and innovative uses of location-based services and content while supporting these promising technologies to become commercially viable solutions,” said Marc Naddell, vice president, Partner and Developer Programs, NAVTEQ. “Making Virtual Solid–California has demonstrated breakthrough attributes worthy of the NAVTEQ Special Topic Prize. We look forward to continuing to help them take full advantage of the technical and business development support offered through NN4D.”

“NAVTEQ has for many years been an innovator in location-aware services and a committed supporter of its developers, so it’s not a surprise that our experience with them has been positive,” said Juliana Carnes, Chief Operating Officer, MVS-California. “We were unprepared for the sheer depth and quality of NAVTEQ’s support. They have provided us with technical expertise and the traction within the industry, proving them a fitting contributor to our success. Winning NAVTEQ’s Special Topic Prize has been a game changer for us.”

Location-based enterprise solutions on mobile devices or in the connected car are gaining traction within businesses and governments. As improved technologies and higher connection speeds become more pervasive, location content such as roadway geometry and points of interest (POI), combined with location technologies, are key drivers for enabling mobile enterprise solutions to localise business opportunities.

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