NEC Expands Storage Options with NAS

NEC Enterprise Solutions has expanded its storage solution platform with the addition of the M Series NAS Gateway (NAS- network attached storage).

The addition of the M Series NAS Gateway provides unified storage across the NEC platform, enabling NEC’s M-Series family of primary storage devices to support SAN (block data) and also NAS data (file data) on the same M-Series storage system – or if only NAS storage is required, then the gateway allows that approach. The new gateway provides the flexibility to support SAN only, NAS only, or combined NAS and SAN in a unified storage system.

NEC’s M Series NAS Gateway comes in two clustered models; the Nh4b model cluster configuration supporting up to 4,800 CIFS clients and the Nh8b model cluster configuration supporting up to 9,600 CIFS clients. The Nh4b and Nh8b provide scalability and support file system sizes up to 1PB per file system and the ability to dynamically add storage as needs may change.

The NEC M Series (Nh4b/8b) NAS Gateway provides a menu of software enabled enhancements, including disaster recovery, snapshot, and a file import capability that allows migration to the NAS gateway without disrupting application access to the data during the transition to the Nh4/8b. Additionally, the NEC NAS Gateway can take advantage of NEC’s M-Series Storage System functions and software including quality-of-service and dynamic expansion capabilities.

“NEC is very excited to add unified storage to our storage family which already includes purpose-built all flash array, hybrid storage and traditional storage,” said Wali Naderi, product manager IT solutions at NEC Enterprise Solutions. “This allows our customers to implement the right storage and function to meet a wide variety of business needs in the most cost effective manner.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine